HHM LogoThe HHM Group has replaced its SharePoint 2010-based file storage with a modern, cloud-based collaboration platform and added additional functions. 1stQuad supported the company in finding a solution and migration as well as the implementation of the new platform – including additional functions such as the automatic creation of CVs.

Hefti. Hess. Martignoni. AG

The HHM Group (HEFTI. HESS. MARTIGNONI.) is an independent engineering company with locations in Aarau, Basel, Bern, Solothurn, St. Gallen, Zug and Zurich. Over 220 employees work for the HHM Group.


The HHM Group (Hefti. Hess. Martignoni.) combines seven locations with over 220 employees in a holding structure. Its core competence is electrical engineering, from lighting and building automation to security and fire protection. HMM has been using a SharePoint 2010-based system for file storage for a long time, but now the company has ventured the step into the cloud: The goal was a collaboration platform that could later be expanded to a complete intranet.

Migration from SharePoint 2010 to the Cloud

1stQuad advised HMM in the evaluation and setup of the new platform and implemented the solution for the client based on SharePoint Online. During the evaluation, it turned out that a complete migration from SharePoint 2010 to the cloud is not the best possible solution.

Only the essential data was taken over from the previous system, the existing and the most important new requirements could be realized with the onboard means of SharePoint Online: Employees can create project rooms themselves and invite external users to participate.

The employees receive company news in a prominent presentation – for this purpose 1stQuad could fall back on proven components. The automatic creation of CVs required development work: data from the user profiles are aggregated in a Word document and generated on-demand in a standardized layout. The idea behind it: If employees maintain their profiles with coordinates and work references themselves, the data is more up-to-date. The CVs created in this way are used for tendering purposes.

After the requirements were worked out together with the client, 1stQuad developed the solution in an agile process. This included appointments on-site, telephone conferences and screen sharing sessions. The cloud-based collaboration platform is very well accepted by the employees.

It was astonishing how quickly and easily the intranet, which had grown over the years, could be replaced with Wizdom. Thanks to the plugin framework, even the customer-specific modules were no real challenge.

Jürgen Dellatorre, Solution Architect
1stQuad Solutions AG