SNF LogoThe Swiss National Science Foundation is in the process of replacing the previously heterogeneous system landscape for document storage with a modern, state-of-the-art platform for collaboration and information exchange. 1stQuad accompanies the project from consulting and evaluation to implementation based on SharePoint and Wizdom Intranet and continues to support the SNF with training and support services as a partner.

Schweizerischer Nationalfonds

The Swiss National Science Foundation is a scientific research organisation commissioned by the Swiss Confederation. The Swiss National Science Foundation was founded under private law in 1952 by the physicist and physician Alexander von Muralt.

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) promotes basic research in all scientific disciplines by evaluating research applications and awarding public research funds to the most promising applicants. The activities of the SNF are strongly document-oriented. Different departments maintain different filing systems using a variety of technologies – such as Outlook, file exchange via file shares, and SharePoint.

Replace heterogeneous system landscape

The SNF would like to transfer this heterogeneous system diversity into a uniform platform with state-of-the-art technology that can be expanded with additional options. One important requirement is that employees can set up project rooms and thus work better with their colleagues. Another key point was internal communication. News from the organization should reach employees reliably.

A platform for collaboration and information exchange

1stQuad supported the SNF in an advisory capacity and received the order to design and implement the central document and collaboration platform based on the latest SharePoint version. Wizdom Intranet is used for additional functions like news distribution. The functionality and the required SharePoint and Wizdom components are developed in workshops together with the customer. In a special admin workshop, the IT department learns how Wizdom works on the backend side and can react immediately in case of problems.

The IT department of the SNF is responsible for the operation of Wizdom. The platform is set up as a multi-level environment with four stages from the development system to productive operation. The new solution is well received and expansions are already planned. 1stQuad develops additional functions for the creation of project-specific organizational charts and continues to be available to the SNF as a consulting partner.

Working with 1st Quad is efficient, pleasant, goal-oriented and profitable. We also appreciate the dynamic willingness to support us in the context of projects or in solving / answering dedicated questions. This is our idea of cooperation and partnership.

Peter Tomasini-Monjoe, Projektleiter, IT Business Services
Schweizerischer Nationalfonds