Marti LogoThe internationally active Swiss construction group Marti, with around 80 group companies, is dependent on a solid, multi-client capable intranet and collaboration platform. 1stQuad has built a comprehensive solution with SharePoint and MatchPoint for the Marti Group and thereby greatly expanded the functionality of the basic technologies. Thus the demanding requirements of the construction and technology group were fulfilled.

Marti Holding AG

Marti is a leading Swiss contracting company with almost a century of history and international reach. Marti has been active as a general contractor, a leading partner in multinational joint ventures, subcontractor, and manufacturer of tunneling equipment in a wide range of construction, transport, hydroelectric and other large and complex infrastructure projects in Switzerland and abroad.

The Marti Group, which comprises some 80 group companies in numerous countries, has a federal structure: each group company is managed largely independently. Its companies are close to their customers and distances are short. If necessary, the group’s extensive know-how can be drawn upon.

Multi-client capable intranet and collaboration platform

This makes the Martinet intranet and collaboration platform all the more important. It is a connecting element. The demands on the platform are high. It must be multi-client capable throughout and cover the federal structure of the Marti Group. 1stQuad has built up the platform together with Marti since 2015, has intensively advised the group, developed technical concepts, played a decisive role in the implementation, and supported the developers of the Marti Group.

Microsoft SharePoint and MatchPoint Snow

MartiNet is technically based on Microsoft SharePoint and MatchPoint Snow. 1stQuad has extended these basic technologies according to the needs of Marti. A provisioning solution ensures that team and project rooms as well as self-service websites can be set up not only generically, but also preconfigured for the requirements of each group company. The entire taxonomy is multi-client capable: Customers, suppliers, processes, and other master data can be maintained at a group level or by each company.

The platform is continuously being developed and migrated to new versions of the basic technologies. In addition, further peripheral systems will be integrated in the future, for example, a process digitization platform or a digital asset management system for managing the numerous photos produced in the Marti Group – SharePoint quickly reaches its limits here.