KIBAG LogoAt the KIBAG Group, even extensive offers are created today with astonishingly little effort. A user-friendly document and information solution made it possible to massively increase efficiency in the issuing of offers by automatically generating complex Word documents. 1stQuad brought out the best of Microsoft SharePoint and complimentary standard products and developed the new solution in record time.

KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG

KIBAG is a leading Swiss company in the building materials and construction sector and employs around 1800 people, mainly in the three business units Building Materials, Construction Services and Environment and Waste Management.

The construction services division of the KIBAG Group alone prepares tenders totaling several billion Swiss francs each year. The effort involved in this process has become ever greater due to new regulations and constant growth. The traditional procedure of manually preparing tender documents in different ways at different locations is proving to be increasingly inefficient. In a first step, KIBAG, therefore, introduced a group-wide ERP system. However, complex documents such as a comprehensive, illustrated project description still had to be set up manually. A central platform for project-related data storage was not available.

In the tender for the new document and information management system (DIMS) of KIBAG, 1stQuad was awarded the contract after careful evaluation – according to the responsible project manager at KIBAG, 1stQuad understood the processes best and proposed a solution that was in line with the way the KIBAG Group works.

DIMS was developed in an iterative process with six releases in about eight months and is based on three technologies: Microsoft SharePoint as the basic collaboration platform, functionally enhanced by MatchPoint, and Officeatwork for the automated creation of documents. An important aspect was the integration with the ERP system of Abacus.

With DIMS, KIBAG employees can now generate the required offer documents with much less effort and manage all information in a structured manner according to projects, regardless of location. A photo area with user-specific galleries facilitates the compilation of documents with images. Master data from Abacus-ERP is linked with project information in a customized way. As a result, automatically generated Office documents are created according to standard specifications, which are directly included in the offer.

Thanks to the iterative approach, we were able to develop the solution step by step, each time taking into account the experiences from the previous release. In the end, we achieved a precision landing with regard to the project goals.

Thomas Gross, Senior Project Manager
KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG