Marti LogoThe Marti Group, a leading Swiss construction group, recognized the potential of process digitization and was looking for suitable software. With strong support from 1stQuad, Marti conducted a market analysis and in-depth evaluation of the most suitable process management tools. A proof-of-concept with a detailed analysis of the two evaluation winners resulted in a well-founded presentation for the decision-making committee.

Marti Holding AG

Marti is a leading Swiss contracting company with almost a century of history and international reach. Marti has been active as general contractor, leading partner in multinational joint ventures, subcontractor and manufacturer of tunnelling equipment in a wide range of construction, transport, hydroelectric and other large and complex infrastructure projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Around 80 Marti Group companies in numerous countries are active in a wide range of construction sectors, such as Marti AG in Berne, Marti Tunnelbau AG in Moosseedorf, and Marti Technics Ltd. in Hong Kong. In the age of digital transformation, Marti increasingly wants to digitalize and automate business processes. The Group intends to start with specific projects. Marti Informatik was looking for suitable tools.

Evaluation of process management tools

For the evaluation of different easy to use tools for process management and workflow automation Marti asked 1stQuad for support. A 1stQuad expert prepared and conducted the evaluation in close cooperation with the Marti internal project team. At first, the three products K2, Firestart, and Agilepoint were shortlisted.

The vendors were able to demonstrate their tools and interviews were conducted with existing customers. After the evaluation of the first evaluation round, one product fell out of the ranks.

With the two remaining products – again with the support of the vendors – in each case one proof of concept was created. The most important steps of an employee entry process were implemented using three forms. The in-depth analysis and evaluation of these PoC solutions on the basis of a detailed evaluation questionnaire and the offers of the providers finally resulted in a presentation to Marti’s decision-making body. On this basis, the decision-making body was able to make a well-founded decision in favor of the most suitable process management tool.