ABB LogoIn a large company, investments and divestments of the most diverse categories are made on an ongoing basis. 1stQuad was allowed to develop a capital investment management tool for ABB. The requirements were high: Confidentiality and security must be guaranteed, the application should understand the complex organizational structure and every employee must be able to handle it easily. The result is an attractive web application with the reliable FAST Framework in the background.

ABB Information Systems Ltd

ABB Ltd is a Swedish-Swiss power and automation technology group headquartered in Zurich, which was created in 1988 from the merger of the Swedish ASEA and the Swiss BBC. The group is active worldwide and employs about 147’000 people in 100 countries.

At ABB, investments and divestments follow a predefined process – from the purchase of IT equipment and land to acquisitions and restructuring. First, the originator prepares a description of the desired investment, then, depending on the category, various “input providers” assess the process, and finally, the responsible decision-maker gives the green light or rejects the application.

1stQuad has developed an attractive web application for ABB, which accompanies the entire approval process of a complex global corporation, guarantees the highest confidentiality and traceability, and bundles the large variety of investment and divestiture categories in a uniform process. Templates are available for the various categories, which harmonize and massively simplify the application process. These templates can be easily created in the admin area. The approval process was thus significantly accelerated.

To ensure that responsibilities are correctly mapped, the application is closely integrated with the master data and adapts to the change in organizational structure that inevitably takes place in a global corporation. Other data sources such as exchange rates are also integrated. Technically, the solution is based on the FAST Framework of 1stQuad and relies heavily on browser-based spreadsheets with strict plausibility checks. In addition, CIMT automatically generates a PowerPoint presentation that clearly illustrates the business transaction.

Particularly important for ABB: The new tool should be attractive and intuitively usable by every employee. This was clearly not the case with the previous solution based on Lotus Notes – it was reluctantly used. CIMT, on the other hand, quickly established itself as a convenient, reliable tool with high user acceptance, which everyone in the company knows and appreciates.

For me, 1stQuad is more than a technology supplier with a modern application framework. As a moderator for change and a competent sparring partner, our ideas, requirements, and processes in all areas are continuously questioned, supplemented and improved.

Felix Meyer, Business Engagement Manager
ABB Information Systems Ltd