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600 Minutes CIO Conference: Keynote Data Integration & -Intelligence @ Edelweiss Air – ready for AI!

Video from the 600Minutes CIO Conference The keynote video (in German) with 1stQuad AG from October 27, 2021 is available. On October 27, Stefan Graf and our CEO Michael Hofer spoke at the 600Minutes CIO Conference about the advantages of a cloud solution based on micro-services, using Edelweiss Air as an example. Data Integration & […]

Digitale Transformation - Time for Change

What we learned this year about digital transformation

Remote work shaped the economy in 2020 and likely for many years to come. The pace of digital transformation to address this new remote work world is staggering. But over the past nine months, as government organizations have forced countless employees to work from home, it has also become clear that not all digital transformation […]

600 Minutes CFO Conference: Keynote Advantages of individual Software-As-A-Service

Video of the 600Minutes CFO Conference The keynote video with 1stQuad AG from 22 October 2020 is available. On October 22nd, Holger Kremmling and our CEO Michael Hofer spoke at the 600Minutes CFO Conference about the advantages of individual Software-As-A-Service using the examples of ABB’s solutions for Governance, Risk & Control and Internal Audit. With […]