Modern Business Apps

Many companies use business-critical applications that have grown over the years and reached their capacity limits. These software systems are often based on outdated, unsupported technologies, monolithic architectures, and cause constantly increasing costs for maintenance, further development, and operation.

Although there are standard products for all possible business areas today, these are often very extensive and accordingly slow and costly to adapt. Or they are highly specialized, heterogeneous industry solutions for specific (sub)processes that are more poorly than properly integrated with each other. Both legacy systems and (too) many standard products suffer from the agility and integration capability in existing or future peripheral systems that are urgently needed for digital (r)evolution.

In the modern cloud, services are available with which existing systems and data can be intelligently and optimally integrated and made available quickly and, above all, agile beyond company boundaries. Modern software development also enables the easy creation and distribution of software for use on all kinds of mobile devices.

Modern and easy-to-use web apps enable reliable, motivating, and native user experience. An individually optimized application integrates seamlessly into the existing workflow and enables central data maintenance.

You decide whether the right time for modernization is at the first signs or only in the case of production-relevant failures. We start small and always have the goal in mind. Step by step we approach the big goal and are not embarrassed to take a necessary detour. In this way, important questions, such as which core process can be implemented first, what a possible implementation looks like and how the old system and the new solution can be operated in parallel for a certain period of time, are quickly answered.

Agility and modern software offer a competitive advantage in every industry. We support global companies and innovative start-ups alike with smart solutions for modernizing business-critical applications. By combining local expertise with targeted out-tasking for development and support, you get the Swiss Army knife for your digital (r)evolution challenges.

Our specialization is the development of smart software solutions for complex planning and control processes. You benefit from our many years of experience as well as our industry and specialist knowledge. Above all, however, from an extensive technology framework and many other small but fine things that we have learned and improved over the years.

You have big plans - we have the right solutions

Intelligent solutions

As much as we appreciate standard software: Smart, individualized and progressive apps and interfaces are what distinguish successful companies from others. We support you holistically from the idea to the successful implementation and beyond. With this we will inspire you:

  • Vision, strategy, and planning
  • Individual analysis & conception
  • Architecture blueprints and technology framework
  • Evaluation of technologies and products
  • Development of applications and interfaces
  • Proven governance and security concepts
  • Tailor-made training and support

Leading technologies and products

With our many years of practical experience and proven experts, we ensure that we always have our finger on the pulse with the technologies and products used. We are always open to new ideas and do not commit ourselves in advance. But with the following technologies and products, no one can fool us:


We develop our applications consistently as ‘microservices’ which can be maintained and developed as self-contained modules independent of the other components.

The data of the individual services are synchronized using message queues (e.g. Azure Service bus), centrally managed and offered through API management for interested internal and external consumers.

This reduces the complexity and enables the development of individual components to be distributed to different teams, which significantly increases the development speed compared to a classic ‘monolith’.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that load like normal web pages, but offer the user functions that are otherwise only available to native mobile applications. They provide optimal user experiences regardless of the browser used because they are based on progressive enhancement. Like existing web apps, they are hosted directly on the associated website. Developers can update them directly on their web servers without sending these updates to different App Stores.

Unlike a traditional web app, a progressive web app can also be run offline. To do this, you create a link to the URL on the home screen of an Internet-enabled device. This makes it easy to launch the app, even if you have a weak or no Internet connection (requires an offline cache in your browser). However, the application often doesn’t look like a website, but rather gives the impression of a native app. Thanks to its responsive design, it adapts to any display size.

Mobile Apps / Xamarin

In order to provide employees with a modern mobile workplace (Android, iOS) we develop complex business applications based on Xamarin.

This technology guarantees not only native performance but also a continuous integration with all functionalities of the respective platform and a native user experience in which the user can immediately find his way around.

Through code sharing, the effort required for publishing on different systems is reduced to a minimum. The distribution of these applications can be implemented securely via public ‘app stores’ as well as private channels. Automated processes for quality control and deployment guarantee that changes are delivered to the testers and finally to the end-users in a timely manner.

Resource Planning Framework

As a result of years of experience with our business partners in a wide range of industries from small SMEs to large companies, it has become clear that there is a great need for flexible solutions for reliable and intelligent planning of resources (employees, machines, workstations, etc.) within a company.

Due to increasingly complex requirements of legal regulations, CLA, etc., plans can nowadays only be created by rigid, non-transparent systems or with an enormous expenditure of time and with few possibilities for quality control manually.

This is in strong contrast to the requirements of the business, which has to adapt to changes in the market etc. as quickly as possible. The result is that companies expose themselves to great risks, have to live with massively increased personnel expenses or rigid applications that simply slow down innovation.

API Management

API management involves the distribution, control, and analysis of APIs that connect apps and data across the enterprise and from cloud to cloud or legacy systems. This allows organizations that create or use APIs from third parties to monitor activity and ensure that all requirements of developers and applications using these APIs are met.

Organizations are increasingly implementing API management strategies to respond to rapidly changing customer demands. In most cases, these organizations are implementing a microservice architecture to meet the demands for faster software development. HTTP-based REST APIs are now the preferred method for synchronous interaction between microservice architectures. They are the glue that holds all these microservices together.

Through API management, an organization ensures that the APIs comply with corporate policies. It also allows the appropriate level of security to be used, as not all services may need the same security policies.


Comprehensive accompaniment How we work​

We love our work and always want to achieve the best possible result. We consistently go the last mile to the end and think beyond. That’s why our Solution Architects accompany their clients comprehensively and where it’s needed most, building bridges between business and IT. They tackle unpleasant issues and see them through to the end.


Trust and recognition How we work​

Straightforward, transparent, and consistent, we do the right thing at the right time. We commit ourselves with extraordinary passion, competence, and energy. This is how we earn the trust and recognition of our business partners and colleagues every day. We promote and demand trust, honesty, loyalty, and fairness in everything we do. We assume responsibility. You can rely on us!


Reverse outsourcing How we work​

This is coupled with another success factor – “reverse outsourcing”: local, customer-oriented expertise and targeted out-tasking in the area of development and support. Long-standing partnerships at the development location in Eastern Europe ensure that our quality requirements and our specific way of working are taken into account.


Projects on the pulse of time How we work​

Ideas and solutions are created thanks to a holocratic organization form and an exceptional corporate culture at all levels and can be implemented with great autonomy. We have set “fun at work” and “projects at the pulse of time” as our most important goals.