Data Intelligence

Almost all innovations and decisions in companies today are data-driven. The digital transformation generates data in organizations and processes in constantly new and larger quantities. This requires intelligent data use, fast processing and timely evaluation to prevent the rapid loss of value of previously collected information.

“Data Intelligence”, in combination with other innovation drivers such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT), is now one of the essential building blocks for the systematic analysis and optimization of processes and value creation in any modern company.

The management of enormous amounts of data as well as their intelligent, fast analysis are necessary today to make Smart Data available for internal and company-wide decisions without loss of time.

Regardless of whether data silos result from incompatible legacy systems, rigid corporate structures or so-called shadow IT solutions, they cause costs at various points, slow down processes and make it impossible to exchange the necessary, end-to-end data.

You have big plans - we have the right solutions


We support small and medium-sized enterprises in particular in dealing profitably with the collected information. Even more important to us than the actual analysis and evaluation by appropriate tools of “Data Intelligence” are the systematic collection, the processing-optimized transformation and the demand-oriented distribution.

  • You want to know which data you can use and which steps and tools are required
  • Information from different sources should be integrated and made available in a consistent, reliable form so that it can be analyzed and evaluated centrally
  • You want to take steps to improve the quality of your data and ensure high data quality on a permanent basis
  • IoT sources provide large amounts of data, but you lack a frontend for monitoring and evaluation
  • You want to take the first steps with artificial intelligence (AI) to make predictive decisions

Leading technologies and products

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we use the Azure platform and its services.  We supplement our toolbox with suitable tools to make data intelligence easy and efficient to use, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Azure Advanced Analytics Architecture

Enables you to turn your data into actionable insights using best-in-class machine learning tools. With this solution, you can combine any data at any scale and create and deploy custom machine learning models at any scale.

Data Flow

  1. Bring together all your structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data (logs, files, and media) using Synapse Pipelines in Azure Data Lake Storage.
  2. Use Apache Spark pools to cleanse and transform the unstructured datasets and combine them with structured data from operational databases or data warehouses.
  3. Use scalable machine learning/deep learning techniques to derive deeper insights from this data using Python, Scala, or .NET, with Notebook applications in Apache Spark-Pool.
  4. Leverage Apache Spark-Pool and Synapse pipelines in Azure Synapse Analytics to access and move data at scale.
  5. Query and report on data in Power BI.
  6. Transfer insights from Apache Spark pools into Cosmos DB to make them accessible via web and mobile apps.
PowerBI Dashboard

Microsoft Power BI

For 14 consecutive years, Gartner has named Microsoft a Magic Quadrant Leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms.

  • The Power BI cloud service is extremely feature rich, including an expanded set of augmented analytics and automated ML capabilities.
  • AI-powered services such as text, sentiment and image analytics are available within Power BI Premium and leverage Azure capabilities.
  • Power BI’s increasing integration with Microsoft Teams, with its tens of millions of daily active users, will inevitably further extend its reach into the world of remote work.

Effortlessly connect, model and visualize your data and create memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand. Get answers to your business questions in an instant. Thanks to AI, even colloquially phrased questions are reliably processed in the process.

Get the most out of your Big Data investment by connecting to all your data sources at the scale you need to analyze, share, and gain insights across the enterprise, while protecting data accuracy, consistency, and security.

Easily collaborate on the same data, work together on reports, and share insights across popular Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Teams and Excel – so everyone in your organization can quickly make data-driven decisions that drive strategic action.

Microsoft Power Platform

Capture real-time data from Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate and empower your workforce to take action with key insights from Power BI.

Give teams in the field or on the construction site the accurate, up-to-date insights they need by embedding Power BI results into Power Apps or Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Dataverse, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, you can consolidate data from seemingly disparate sources to gain unique insights.

Provide employees in the field or on the construction site with unique insights from Power BI so they can perform appropriate activities using Power Apps or Microsoft Teams while adhering to existing privacy policies.


Comprehensive accompaniment How we work​

We love our work and always want to achieve the best possible result. We consistently go the last mile to the end and think beyond. That’s why our Solution Architects accompany their clients comprehensively and where it’s needed most, building bridges between business and IT. They tackle unpleasant issues and see them through to the end.


Trust and recognition How we work​

Straightforward, transparent, and consistent, we do the right thing at the right time. We commit ourselves with extraordinary passion, competence, and energy. This is how we earn the trust and recognition of our business partners and colleagues every day. We promote and demand trust, honesty, loyalty, and fairness in everything we do. We assume responsibility. You can rely on us!


Reverse outsourcing How we work​

This is coupled with another success factor – “reverse outsourcing”: local, customer-oriented expertise and targeted out-tasking in the area of development and support. Long-standing partnerships at the development location in Eastern Europe ensure that our quality requirements and our specific way of working are taken into account.


Projects on the pulse of time How we work​

Ideas and solutions are created thanks to a holocratic organization form and an exceptional corporate culture at all levels and can be implemented with great autonomy. We have set “fun at work” and “projects at the pulse of time” as our most important goals.