Author Gianfranco Salvato

600 Minutes CFO Conference: Keynote Advantages of individual Software-As-A-Service

Video of the 600Minutes CFO Conference The keynote video with 1stQuad AG from 22 October 2020 is available. On October 22nd, Holger Kremmling and our CEO Michael Hofer spoke at the 600Minutes CFO Conference about the advantages of individual Software-As-A-Service using the examples of ABB’s solutions for Governance, Risk & Control and Internal Audit. With […]

1stQuad wins BLS tender AgilePoint

BLS is one of the largest transport companies in Switzerland. More than 3000 employees work for BLS. In addition to operating various railway lines, BLS also maintains a 420-kilometer railway network and 119 stations and stops. 1stQuad Solutions AG has extensive expertise in the area of digital processes and integration, especially with the innovative “low-code” […]