We use the potential of the latest technology paired with knowledge and experience. For more than 10 years, we have been supporting companies and organizations to use digital technologies profitably and remain competitive.

For us, a successful digital (r)evolution begins with seamless and smooth integration of people, technologies, and processes and leads to AI-driven, smart information processing, and process automation.

Award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, leading partner of AgilePoint and Wizdom Intranet


  • Year of foundation 2009
  • Head office in Zurich, office in Bern
  • Development & operational support in Belarus
  • Specialists for intelligent workstations, digital processes, and integration as well as modern business apps
  • Microsoft Gold Partner, focus on solutions in the environment of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams
  • Leading partner of AgilePoint and Wizdom Intranet
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What we do Tailor-made solutions

As experts for consulting, realization and implementation of Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft teams, we use the potential of the latest technologies and combine them where necessary with well-chosen extensions such as LiveTiles for SharePoint to create customized, comprehensive communication and collaboration platforms that use standard functionality in the best possible way and are extended according to customer requirements.

We support our customers during the evaluation, introduction, and usage of the appropriate tool for process automation and integration. From the optimization of obsolete processes, replacement of existing systems, elimination of existing media breaks or interconnection of systems, data and technologies to the intelligent automation of processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and the use of the potential of cloud computing.

As much as we appreciate standard software: Smart, individually optimized business apps fit seamlessly into existing workflows and offer a competitive advantage in every industry. We are specialized in complex planning & controlling solutions: In-depth experience, industry and specialist knowledge, and, in particular, a comprehensive technology framework reduce project services and guarantee performance results reliably.


How We Work Comprehensive accompaniment​

We love our work and always want to achieve the best possible result. We consistently go the last mile to the end and think beyond. That’s why our Solution Architects accompany their clients comprehensively and where it’s needed most, building bridges between business and IT. They tackle unpleasant issues and see them through to the end.


How We Work Trust and recognition​

Straightforward, transparent, and consistent, we do the right thing at the right time. We commit ourselves with extraordinary passion, competence, and energy. This is how we earn the trust and recognition of our business partners and colleagues every day. We promote and demand trust, honesty, loyalty, and fairness in everything we do. We assume responsibility. You can rely on us!


How We Work Reverse outsourcing​

This is coupled with another success factor – “reverse outsourcing”: local, customer-oriented expertise and targeted out-tasking in the area of development and support. Long-standing partnerships at the development location in Belarus ensure that our quality requirements and our specific way of working are taken into account.


How We Work Projects on the pulse of time​

Ideas and solutions are created thanks to a holocratic organization form and an exceptional corporate culture at all levels and can be implemented with great autonomy. We have set “fun at work” and “projects at the pulse of time” as our most important goals.


Sustainable and moderate pace of change Digital (R)Evolution

Digital transformation as a marketing term has been around for some time. But transformation implies a comprehensive change from one state to another. Such a “state change” is neither easy to achieve nor can it be planned and implemented in a meaningful way without massively disrupting the entire company.

For a small, agile (perhaps even cloud-born) company with less than 50 employees, a revolutionary “transformation” may be possible. The challenges posed by rapid transformation, cultural and business change, and the impact on day-to-day business are much easier to manage.

For companies with more than 100 employees, possibly spread across several branches and regions and with different business practices, cultures, or different IT services and providers, “transformation” in the sense of the word is not possible.

This is where the term “digital evolution” comes into play. Evolution is by definition “the gradual development of something…” and the concept of “digital evolution” makes far more sense to most companies than digital transformation.

Our rationale is one of “digital (r)evolution”- a sustained and moderate pace of change that allows a company to gradually introduce new technologies and concepts without having to drive the disruptive change often associated with “digital transformation”.

About our company Why 1stQuad?

  • We are lateral thinkers, use state-of-the-art technologies, and create convincing solutions with a focus on the essentials. We carry out our tasks promptly, uncomplicatedly, and conscientiously.
  • Our interdisciplinary consultants and proven IT specialists have a broad and deep knowledge and a wealth of experience. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs within the company and encourage holistic thinking with foresight and prudence.

About our company Why 1stQuad?

  • We advise, accompany, and realize. We can cover all competencies from a single source and have a wide range of tried and tested solutions and building blocks that we are continually developing.
  • We consistently measure the value of our solutions by customer satisfaction. We never forget that every customer is unique. We combine proven methods and tools with agile and effective approaches.

About our company Meet the team

Photo of Daniel Pfäffli
Daniel Pfäffli Solution Architect

“Inspire customers with joy/fun at work and refreshing solutions.”

Photo of Marco Cattaneo
Marco Cattaneo Solution Architect

“Mastering the requirements of customers from a wide range of business areas and using the right technologies is a major challenge that I am happy to take on.”

Photo of Markus Bühler
Markus Bühler COO

“Happy clients with cutting-edge solutions.”

Nives Marini
Nives Marini Application Support Specialist

“Finding ideal solutions for your problems drives me and is my daily motivation.”

Photo of Michael Hofer
Michael Hofer CEO

“I just want to do good work with 1stQuad. Add a dash of innovation and fun at will – the mix is right.”

Photo of René Nicolao
René Nicolao

“Developing optimal solutions for the customer with creativity and lateral thinking. I enjoy this and it motivates me every day.”

Photo of Tobias Lüthi
Tobias Lüthi Consultant/Agile Project Manager

“For me, close, uncomplicated, and direct cooperation with the customer is the most important thing when it comes to achieving a goal together.”

Fernanda Almeida Finance & Compliance Applications Coordinator

“Translating customer needs into high quality solutions focusing on compliance and a good user experience is what I am here for.”

Photo of Thomas Stoller
Thomas Stoller Solution Architect

“It motivates me to find innovative solutions for complex tasks for our customers and to implement them with modern technologies.”

Photo of Paul Groenewoud
Paul Groenewoud

“In interdisciplinary cooperation we use the advantages of new and proven innovations to create solutions with added value”.

Photo of Corinne Zollinger
Corinne Zollinger Backoffice

“One must try the impossible to achieve the possible.”

Guilherme Bispo Finance & Compliance Applications Coordinator

“Ensuring our customers’ needs are fulfilled from the concept till completion with clarity, collaboration and synergy”

We are looking for reinforcement in Zurich, Bern and Minsk

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