600Minutes Executive IT Event October 2021

Published on 1. November 2021 by Gianfranco Salvato under Categories1stQuad

The 600Minutes Executive IT Event took place in Switzerland in October 2021. It offered attendees the opportunity to learn about what’s next, take advantage of virtual 1-to-1 sessions with senior decision makers, and refresh their knowledge in intensive workshops.

The goal of the event was to bring IT executives together with business stakeholders. The event gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest technological developments to help them meet the needs of their business in the future.

In one session, our CEO Michael Hofer spoke with Stefan Graf about Edelweiss Air’s IT transformation. Specifically, how and why Edelweiss is now able to take advantage of AI. The company has replaced legacy systems with a cloud solution based on microservices and is now able to intelligently simplify data collection, processing and analysis.

Find some impressions of the session below.